Friday Funnies

Book Jokes

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When I was a kid, my dad used to tell us these ridiculous ‘book’ jokes.

They involved a made-up book title, followed by an appropriate author!

Here are the ones I can remember… plus a few more that I’ve either made up, or discovered along the way.

Your challenge (should you choose to accept it): Think up some more of your own and then add them in the comments section below!

  1. ‘Piles In The Road’, by G. G. Dunnit
  2. ‘Overboard’, by Eileen Dover
  3. ‘Haunted House’ by Hugo First
  4. ‘Someone’s At The Door’ by Isabella Ringing
  5. ’20/20 Vision’ by Seymour Clearly
  6. ‘Race To The Outhouse’, by Will. E. Makit (with illustrations by Bettie Won’t)
  7. ‘Stray Bullet’ by Rick O’Shea
  8. ‘How To Fit A Carpet In Ten Easy Steps’ by Walter Wall
  9. ‘Stony Broke’ by Len D’Fiver
  10. ‘Baggy Trousers’ by Lucy Lastic
  11. ‘Tying The Knot’ by R. U. Shaw
  12. ‘Cowboy Builders’, by Bodgitt & Leggitt
  13. ‘Blind Date’, by Ron Day-Voo
  14. Dangerous Reptiles, by Al. E. Gator
  15. ‘Hole in the Roof!’ by Lee King
  16. ‘Late For School’ by Misty Bus
  17. ‘If Looks Could Kill’ by I. C. Stare
  18. ‘Chicanes’ by Ben D. Road
  19. ‘The Bull-Fighter’ by Matt Adore
  20. ‘Shocked To The Core!’ By Will I. D. Clare

I know….they’re absolutely dreadful. But they’re really fun to think up. How many can you come up with?