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Short Story

Angela writes stories and poems for kids of all ages. She particularly loves coming up with fun Picture Book ideas for the very young. She has written material for a range of faith-based publications including Keys For Kids, Devozine, & has recently become a contributor for The Sunday School Store.

When Angela isn’t writing, she works as an Early Years Practitioner, providing home-based care and education for very young children.

She lives in Greater London with her husband, four kids, a loopy Labrador named Amber, and a very naughty Rag Doll Kitten, named Moses. She enjoys music, gardening and exploring our wonderful world.

Long Story

Angela has been writing stories and poems ever since she was a nipper! Growing up, she was usually found with a book in one hand and a mug of tea in the other. She loved visiting the library and especially enjoyed the adventures of a certain red-headed snippet, called Anne Shirley!

Angela, as a nipper!

Angela always imagined becoming a teacher (just like Anne), explaining things to children in as interesting a way as possible. But, instead, she left college and got a job in an office. She answered the phone, typed letters and ordered stationery. She even bought a suit and a pair of smart, high-heeled shoes. But inside, it felt like she was just pretending.

For a few years, she almost forgot how much she loved to write! But thankfully, one day, she saw a red balloon float past her office window, and it inspired her to pick up her pen and scribble down a poem again…

After that, she never really stopped.

Picture Books

One sunny autumn day, Angela got married! Over the next ten years, she went on to have four children of her own, including a set of twins (just like Anne!)

She would often bundle her little ones into the pram and escape to the library. Afterwards, everyone would snuggle up on the sofa to read the piles of stories they had borrowed. Suddenly, Angela had a lightbulb moment! This was what she wanted to do! She would spend her free time writing joyful, funny, wonderful stories for children!

And so she began…

Some of the stories she’s written so far include:

  • A guitar playing goose;
  • A squirrel who loses a treasure
  • And a mail-tortoise called Hugo

Maybe one day, you’ll get to read them to your children.

Kids, Kids, Kids!

Nowadays, Angela works from home, as a childminder where she spends all day explaining things to 0-5 year old’s in the most interesting way possible!

This gives her lots of ideas for her stories!


In 2015, Angela received her first ever YES from a publisher when two of her short devotional stories, entitled ‘Pitch-Black Patch’ and ‘Hidden Blooms’ were published by Keys For Kids Ministries in their quarterly devotional.

It was so much fun that she went on to write a few more, some of which include

  • Teacups and Trainsets
  • The Doll’s House
  • That’s Not My Job
  • Only God Can Do That
  • and Don’t Forget the Toothpaste

You can read or listen to a Keys For Kids Daily Devotional by clicking on the following link:

Recent Projects

In Summer, 2022, Angela was delighted to be offered the opportunity to write some Sunday-School Curriculum for The Sunday School Store. This is something she is really excited about, and she is looking forward to writing more!

You can check out their amazing range of material at:

Other Projects

Angela believes that nature is one of the best teachers. She particularly enjoys writing stories and poems which feature different aspects of the wonderful world we live in.

She also enjoys blogging about her travels and her Christian faith. She also writes the occasional short story for grown up kids, and would love to one day write a novel. She regularly takes part in Pitch events and other writing competitions on Twitter.


When she isn’t writing, chances are you’ll find her pottering in the garden, cooking up a storm in the kitchen whilst listening to music, or buried under a pile of laundry – usually odd socks.

Angela lives in South-East London with her husband Nathan, their four growing kids, two rescue tabby cats, and a rambunctious Fox Red Labrador, named Amber! The newest addition to the family is a very naughty Rag Doll kitten, named Moses! Keep your eyes peeled, as one day, these animals might show up in a story!

Stay tuned for news and updates.

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