A Month Without Rain…

When the grass turned brown…
We all thought the rain, 
Was a bit of a pain,
Drumming on rooftop,
And down window-pane.
"This weather!"
We grumbled,
"Is always the same,
It's nothing but rain, rain rain,
Rain, rain, rain...

"Go away rain!"
We began to complain,
"Get on your bike,
Take a hike!
Cos we've had it to here,
With your damp, soggy drear,
Just give us a break,
Go away, disappear!"

Then one July day,
The rain went away,
Just packed up its bags,
Whilst the sun came to play.
And the temperature soared,
To heights never known,
And the ponds and the rivers,
Were as dry as a bone,
And the sun grew so hot in the sky overhead,
That the grass wasn't green,
It was scorched brown instead.

And we struggled to sleep,
And we tossed and we turned,
And the fields set on fire,
And the forests they burned,
And we suddenly realised,
We now understood,
Why when God made the rain,
He declared "It is good!"

4 thoughts on “A Month Without Rain…”

  1. This falls under the category of “Be careful what you wish for”. Hope you get some rain soon Angela. We are in short supply here too right now, but not as bad as Europe. Allan


    1. Exactly Allan – we don’t know what we’ve got until it’s gone. It seems to be a problem everywhere…We had a bit of drizzle yesterday, and we’re set for some heavy downpours in London over the next few days, which ironically will probably now lead to flash flooding as the ground is too hard to absorb it!


  2. This is such a great poem, Angela! I love how descriptive it is about first the constant rain and now the drought! I’ve been reading about the heat and drought and fires in England and Europe. We’ve had a summer of heat and drought as well as floods and fires in parts of the U.S. too. I hope you get a good steady rain soon without flooding!


  3. Amen. What a great reminder that even things that might feel like a bit of a nuisance, like too much rain, are gifts from the Father. To consistently see with spiritual eyes that recognize His blessings and receive what comes from His hand with gratitude… yeah, that would be grand. “Lord, help us not to take your gifts for granted.” ~ Tabitha


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