To Love A Labrador

To love a Labrador,
And all the crazy joy she brings,
There's really nothing to it:
You must simply learn to love these things:

Early starts,
Morning barks
Dripping hair
Rainy parks, 
Six o'clock
On the dot,
Rain or shine,
Ready or not!

Muddy paws,
Mopping Floors,
Early morning tug-of-wars.

Boggy paths,
Soggy baths,
Crazy capers,
Belly laughs.

Sloppy kisses,
Slimy ball,
Bad recall.
Chasing squirrels,
Magpies too - 
Any moving thing will do!

Being followed
Stolen bits of underwear,
Chewed up slippers
Patchy lawn,
Shredded flowers,
Papers torn.

Licky face,
Tea-towel chase,
Zoomy round-the-table-race!
Piles of sticks
By the door,
(Did I mention mopping floor?)

Belly rubs,
And sofa cuddles,
Getting dragged through,
Muddy Puddles.

Thumping tail,
And big hellos,
Throw a stick
And off she goes!

13 thoughts on “To Love A Labrador”

      1. Am I still writing my poems…? Not in the strictest sense, Angela. However, I have one or two ideas. One particular idea is based on turning some of my blog posts into poems or prose poems. As I have already self-published two collections of poems, I will be squeezing more milk from them, e.g. church and school sessions etc, and more open mics. That’s the plan. Regarding publishers, still seeking that illusive signing.

        Art as a business enterprise will be taking on a more concrete form following a recent exhibition. From next week, I will be requesting valuations from various Houses in London. Other negotiations are likely. I now have the time to implement both my art and poetry plans.

        Writing music – just for fun – is another activity in which I gain a huge satisfaction. Latest composition is for piano and violin – classically trained Baritone optional!



  1. I love it! You’ve captured life with a growing dog perfectly–the fun, the laughs, the mess, the love!! Though we now have a rescued corgi, we went through these stages with three loved and lovable goldens! I especially remember the stolen underwear, sometimes at super embarrassing times!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Kathy. Hahaha, the underwear grab – it’s the most embarrassing thing ever! I adore Golden Retrievers too. Hope you’re well. Maybe a dog inspired art piece would be nice? Food for thought!?


      1. Hi Angie!
        Happy surprise…I just now saw your note! 🤗
        I have read many books set in the Cotswolds and have envisioned the scenery there many times.
        Can’t wait to see your pictures…and for our “catch up” (love that term! ☺️)
        😘 Trenda


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