Autumn Snaps, 2021

Being woken every morning, incredibly early, by a hyperactive puppy can be a bit of a shock to the system! But rising earlier than normal, even in these dark November mornings, definitely has it’s advantages…After the initial reluctance to get out of my cosy bed, pull on my clothes, coat and wellington boots and head out the front door, I find myself rewarded with a park that’s practically empty and bathed in soft, morning light.

The pale light of morning breaks through the trees…

All is peaceful and still, apart from the occasional squawking of the Crows and Magpies, who flit and flap about, foraging for seeds and berries. Industrious Squirrels scamper around me, burying their hoards before winter sets in. Darkness gives way to dawn. The stream gurgles. The fresh air invigorates. The senses slowly awaken, drinking in God’s handiwork and silently giving thanks for this fresh start, for this beautiful, breath-taking, brand new day.

Before the rush begins, there is a narrow window of time. Time to think. To breathe. To ponder. To pray.

Blink, and it is gone – never to be recovered.

So instead of complaining, I’m learning to embrace these early morning outings. In fact, they are becoming quite a gift!

4 thoughts on “Autumn Snaps, 2021”

  1. Angela, I loved seeing your pictures of the autumn foliage in England! That bright crimson colored bush looked like a Fire Bush. We have those in the States and they are one of my favorites.
    Definitely a beautiful way to start your day! πŸΆπŸ‚πŸ‚πŸΆ
    Prayers and love to you! ❀️ Trenda

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    1. Hello Trenda, yes I believe it is a Fire Bush. It certainly looks as though it’s aflame! So vibrant and beautiful, especially in the first light of morning. I so love autumn! And I’m embracing these early starts! Lovely times to ponder and pray x Prayers and love to you too my lovely friend xxx


  2. Beautiful pics Angie. Kinda jealous being here in the most confused climate of all places! When Solly was doing Football training at 6.30 am for school recently, I both dreaded and loved the early morning solace … enforced sun rise watching to have my quiet time … Like you, learning to be grateful in the moment and embrace the ‘specialness’ of it … of course thats not really a proper word but I quite like ‘not proper’ words …. ;o) Hope you guys are well. Loving you from afar! xxxxx

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    1. Love you all too Nancy. What a fantastic mum you are! It’s never easy getting up early, especially for someone else’s benefit, but I suppose if we were left to our own devices, we’d just hit snooze a few more times, and miss the sunrise! And I think specialness should definitely be a word.


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